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being_harmony's Journal

12 March
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My names are Harmony or Katie. Its a long story, and I answer to either.

This is my second LJ, I had abandoned the other one for years despite trying to come back to it several times and I realized that I think its the baggage of that account itself that kept me from ever really succeeding. So, I'm starting fresh, tabula rasa.

My journal is largely friends only and if you become my friend you will probably hear me talk about everything including, school, family, pets, love, crafts, and my health.

I never tell people my age though, well not anymore. So don't ask...i'm an adult and thats really all you need to know =p I've found that without realizing it people put each other into these categories of what they think is age appropriate or what someone should be at a certain age. I don't like being lumped into these groups. Consider me ageless =)

I'm kind of crazy, and I tend to gravitate towards others who are a little bit crazy too =) I consider crazy a good thing.

Add me if you would like to get to know me, just don't expect me to sensor myself for anyone's sake. Those days are long gone.

I have 2 addictions: Yarn and Tattoos.